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CP-7921G latest firmware question

Hi everyone,

I've just upgraded a number of 7921G with the latest firmware (1.2.1) which seems to have changed the function of the speakerphone button.

With older firmwares, the speakerphone was activated with a simple press of the speakerphone button.

Version 1.2.1 requires the user to keep pressing the speakerphone button for 2-3 seconds in order to activate/deactivate it.

So I'd like to know if anyone is aware of a method to overcome this and have the speakerphone activated as soon as someone presses the appropriate button, just like it did with the older firmware.

Any feedback or information is much appreciated.

Thanks guys!


Re: CP-7921G latest firmware question

This might br due to battery problem. An unstable RF environment can cause the phone to remain in active mode because it is constantly seeking an AP. This reduces the battery life considerably. When leaving an area of coverage, shut down the phone.

Higher phone transmit power can affect battery life. To maximize idle time on the phone and conserve battery life, you need to optimize the registration time so the phone can go into power save mode more often.

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