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CP-8831-K9= not available in CCW

Since last week CP-8831-K9= is not available in the Cisco Commerce Workspace (I'm in EMEA). I can add it but no pricing is shown for it.

Does anyone know why this is?

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There is a compliance issue

There is a compliance issue that has been uncovered, and so it has been put on product hold.

Caught me out as well, and couldn't figure out why it was no longer valid, but then got the answer through a supplier.

Apparently it will be sorted in the next few weeks and then it will be back on the list again.

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Hi Kasper.I received this

Hi Kasper.

I received this response from a local SE in Australia.

8831 phone Issue : Wireless microphone region

Please be advised that the Cisco 8831 conference phone must be set to the Localised Wireless Microphone Region. If it is left to Default (aka US if no Locale is set) it will use the 1900MHz frequency for DECT, hence affecting mobile frequency networks and in breach of the Communication Frequency Regulation laws.

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