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CP-8941 background Image


i was trying to change the cisco 8941 phone background image to my company logo.

but i am not getting any thing on my ip phone to change.

can anyone tell me where i am missing...

i prepared 2 images of type .png

1.8941-logo.png ,   size 640x480x24

2.8941-tmb ,  size 123x111x24

one List.xml file as below


<!-- Please Add Images to the end of the list-->
<ImageItem Image="TFTP:Desktops/640x480x24/Kubrick_dark_2_thumb.png" URL="TFTP:Desktops/640x480x24/Kubrick_dark_2.png"/>
<ImageItem Image="TFTP:Desktops/640x480x24/Kubrick_light_2_thumb.png" URL="TFTP:Desktops/640x480x24/Kubrick_light_2.png"/>
<ImageItem Image="TFTP:Desktops/640x480x24/green_9836_thumb.png" URL="TFTP:Desktops/640x480x24/green_9836.png"/>
<ImageItem Image="TFTP:Desktops/640x480x24/green_stem_6254_thumb.png" URL="TFTP:Desktops/640x480x24/green_stem_6254.png"/>
<ImageItem Image="TFTP:Desktops/640x480x24/green_9802_thumb.png" URL="TFTP:Desktops/640x480x24/green_9802.png"/>
<ImageItem Image="TFTP:Desktops/640x480x24/yellow_6744_thumb.png" URL="TFTP:Desktops/640x480x24/yellow_6744.png"/>
<ImageItem Image="TFTP:Desktops/640x480x24/lights_8454_thumb.png" URL="TFTP:Desktops/640x480x24/lights_8454.png"/>
<ImageItem Image="TFTP:Desktops/640x480x24/lights_8787_thumb.png" URL="TFTP:Desktops/640x480x24/lights_8787.png"/>
<ImageItem Image="TFTP:Desktops/640x480x24/lights_8660_optn_thumb.png" URL="TFTP:Desktops/640x480x24/lights_8660_optn.png"/>
<ImageItem Image="TFTP:Desktops/640x480x24/lights_8839_thumb.png" URL="TFTP:Desktops/640x480x24/lights_8839.png"/>
<ImageItem Image="TFTP:Desktops/640x480x24/red_0328_thumb.png" URL="TFTP:Desktops/640x480x24/red_0328.png"/>
<ImageItem Image="TFTP:Desktops/640x480x24/yellow_0379_thumb.png" URL="TFTP:Desktops/640x480x24/yellow_0379_UI.png"/>
<ImageItem Image="TFTP:Desktops/640x480x24/red_6052_thumb.png" URL="TFTP:Desktops/640x480x24/red_6052.png"/>
<ImageItem Image="TFTP:Desktops/640x480x24/purple_5887_thumb.png" URL="TFTP:Desktops/640x480x24/purple_5887_UI.png"/>

<ImageItem Image="TFTP:Desktops/640x480x24/8941-logo.png" URL="TFTP:Desktops/640x480x24/8941-tmb.png"/>



i uploaded these files to pub and sub , on the directory /Desktops/640x480x24

I restarted the tftp server on both pub and sub

now my ip phone not showing any background images.

i checked the publisher cli and the files are present on the server from the command # file list tftp /Desktops/640x480x24.

i couldn't understand the consol messages on the phone, so attaching here.

phone firmware is SIP 9-2-3-5

i am using cucm 8.6.2

Please can anyone help me on this....

New Member

CP-8941 background Image


Seen this link,, i will use this for CP-8941 with CUCMv9 and it works correctly with 640x480x24

You can also seen this:

CP-8941 background Image

Thankyou Gilles,

i went through the doc and everything is in place , but i am not getting any image option on my phone.

New Member

CP-8941 background Image

I had a problems with the same version that you use, but I do not know which can be the same as yours, so I've upgrated the CP-8941 with the firmware 9-3-4-17 and it's ok.

CP-8941 background Image

i think the same too.

i recently upgraded my ip phones from SCCP 9-1-2-SR-1  to SIP 9-2-3-5.

but now i am trying to upgrade them , and it is not getting upgraded more than this.

i don't know where is the problem.

it's trying to upgrade but revarting back to 9-2-3-5.

I use Asterisk and its works

I use Asterisk and its works for me. Add this tag in your SEPMAC.cnf.xml files


and the List.xml should be in the folder :Desktops/Size/.

Example :


<ImageItem Image="TFTP:Desktops/640x480x24/wow.png"  URL="TFTP:Desktops/640x480x24/wow.png /">


I used Cisco IP phone 8941

For Semantic , I agree but it

For Semantic , I agree but it works normally.

 I used Asterisk and The

 I used Asterisk and The video functionally does not work please Can someone help me.

Hi mohammed asif s...,

Hi mohammed asif s...,


 about your configuration:

<ImageItem Image="TFTP:Desktops/640x480x24/8941-logo.png" URL="TFTP:Desktops/640x480x24/8941-tmb.png"/>

Remember that the Thumbnail is specified by the Image and the Full Size Image by the URL.

In other words, it should be:

<ImageItem Image="TFTP:Desktops/640x480x24/8941-tmb.png" URL="TFTP:Desktops/640x480x24/8941-logo.png"/>


Hope this helps.


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