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CP7921G Wireless phone cannot dial out on CME

Ok ladies and gents - this is a strange one.

We have just bought a 7921G wireless phone for our second small office.

We have a CME 4.2 running with about 20 phones.

I also ran debug tftp packets when this phone registers and have placed on the CME all the files it looks for under tftp-server flash:/......

However, the the following behaviour can be seen:

- The phone now registeres to the CME correctly and has updated firmware from the factory default firmware to the recommended 1.3.3 firmware.

- Cannot place calls by dialing a number and then pressing the green call button!!!!! (This is the only issue with the phone)

- The green button works fine when accepting calls.

- Can receive calls without any issues

- Can call out numbers that are stored locally on the phone and on the missed/received calls list.

- Voice quality is good

Any of you seen this before?



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Re: CP7921G Wireless phone cannot dial out on CME

we recently started having the same problem with our 7921. The only recent change is we added the phones extension to a BACD hunt group. I can still dial out if I dial a number by finding it in the call history, but not by typing in the number and trying to press the green send button, or press enter, or selectioned "options->dial".

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Re: CP7921G Wireless phone cannot dial out on CME

I decided to do a factory reset of our UC520 and upgrade to the newest 8.1 software pack. After doing that and re-setting up our system the 7921 phone was able to dial out again. Now its the day after and the 7921 once again can't dial!!! nothing changed overnight so i have no idea whats wrong.

All of the other phones work just fine, its just the 7921.

Here is the related config for the phone.

ephone-dn  51  octo-line

number 204 no-reg primary

label 204

description James W

name James W

call-forward busy 399

call-forward noan 399 timeout 10

hold-alert 15 originator


ephone  8

device-security-mode none

mac-address 0024.975A.A7B6

ephone-template 16

max-calls-per-button 4

username "james" password 111111

type 7921

button  1:51 2w53


ephone-template  16

url services 1 VoiceviewExpress

softkeys remote-in-use  Newcall

softkeys idle  Redial HLog Cfwdall Pickup Gpickup Dnd Login

softkeys seized  Cfwdall Endcall Redial Pickup Gpickup Callback

softkeys connected  Hold Endcall Trnsfer TrnsfVM Confrn Acct Park


All of our phones are using the same ephone-template which i modified to move the Hlog button to the front on idle.

The 7921 is running phone load CP7921G-1.3.4SR1

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Re: CP7921G Wireless phone cannot dial out on CME

I spoke too soon, i fixed the problem.

I used the command line to change the ephone-template that the 7921 was using to #15, one that I hadn't modified and I can now place calls!

So it seems for some reason the 7921 needs to have the "Newcall" softkey in its template, where as all the other 525 & 524 phones we have don't

softkeys idle  Redial Newcall Cfwdall Pickup Gpickup Dnd HLog Login

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Re: CP7921G Wireless phone cannot dial out on CME


Please check your templates as per Brikers12 suggestion

When the phone is ringing the 'Green' button is probably mapped to the Answer softkey
When the phone is idle the 'Green' button is probably mapped to the NewCall softkey

Make sure under the ephone for the 7921 you either have no template or one of the standard templates (15)

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