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New Member

CRA Calling Queue

I am currently working with a Call Manager system along with CRA. My goal is to have incoming calls routed to a queue after an option is selected from a caller. I realize that we need a CTI port group connection from CRA to Call Manager to make this work. Someone else had set the system up originally and now I am having to get into the CRA system through a backdoor by renaming the cnndir.ini file. This will allow us to access the Administration panel with the default username and password.

When I select the JTAPI option under Subsystems in the CRA panel, I go to create a CTI port group connection and get an error. I have also noticed that other portions of the panel have similar JAVA errors, which I have posted below.

The error reads the following:

Error: 500

Location: /appadmin/CTIGroup

Internal Servlet Error:


Then there are multiple lines of errors below that. I have added an attachment for further information.

My question is by renaming the cnndir.ine file, is there a link with the error? How can this issue be resolved.

New Member

Re: CRA Calling Queue

I see that you're running CM 4.1. Are you running IPCC 4.0? I'm pretty confident that renaming cnndir.ini could break the ability to create a new JTAPI resources.

Did you follow the entire process listed in Solution 1:

If my memory serves me correctly, after completing these steps, IPCC should have to go back through the Cluster Setup. The cluster setup should rebuild your cnndir.ini file.

New Member

Re: CRA Calling Queue

Thanks for the link. Unfortunatly I have tried this and was unsuccessful after making the changes. Is there some sort of tool to try to recover the original password?

The version for CRA is 3.5(4). I forgot to mention that this is a live system that controls 3 different physical locations. So any mods must not bring them down.

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