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Crazy TFTP idea

I have a problem and I am thinking of an out-of-the box solution. If there's a better way, someone please let me know...

We support multiple customers from a centralized CallManager cluster. These organizations are related, so administration isn't a big problem. However, each one wants their own background image on their IP phones, which isn't a problem, but they also do not want their users to be able to change the image to one from another organization. Because multiple organizations are accessing the same CCM TFTP servers, I cannot limit their choices of background images.

One possible solution would require something that may not exist. If I had a TFTP server that ran multiple instances on different IP addresses and had a different TFTProot for each instance, I could specify a different TFTP address to each organiztions. I could create seperate XML files specifying different background images. Then, if this mythical TFTP server could be configured to check with another TFTP server (the CCM TFTP server) if a requested file is not found locally, and then either redirect or retrieve and pass through that file, the phones could still retrieve current configuration files from the CCM.

First, does this TFTP server exist and then, would this work? Has anyone tried something like this?


Re: Crazy TFTP idea

We have CUPAS (Phone Designer)

users may be able to implement this and teach them to use this app to perform the change and provide them the image.

TFTP wont have the image available, so users require to change the company image from CUPAS

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