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Creating custome ring tones for CUCM 6.1.2

I was told I could use audacity to create custom ring tones. Has anyone done this? If so is there a tutorial our there? Alternatively is there a source for ready made ringtones?


Jim Lozano

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Re: Creating custome ring tones for CUCM 6.1.2

Hi Jim,

Here we go :)

PCM File Requirements for Custom Ring Types

The PCM files for the rings must meet the following requirements for proper playback on Cisco Unified IP Phones:

•Raw PCM (no header)

•8000 samples per second

•8 bits per sample

•uLaw compression

•Maximum ring size-16080 samples

•Minimum ring size-240 samples

•Number of samples in the ring is evenly divisible by 240.

•Ring starts and ends at the zero crossing.

•To create PCM files for custom phone rings, you can use any standard audio editing packages that support these file format requirements.

Configuring a Custom Phone Ring

To create custom phone rings for the Cisco Unified IP Phone 7965G and 7945G, follow these steps:



Step 1 Create a PCM file for each custom ring (one ring per file). Ensure the PCM files comply with the format guidelines that are listed in the "PCM File Requirements for Custom Ring Types" section.

Step 2 Upload the new PCM files that you created to the Cisco TFTP server for each Cisco Unified Communications Manager in your cluster. For more information, see the "Software Upgrades" chapter in Cisco Unified Communications Operating System Administration Guide.

Step 3 Use a text editor to edit the Ringlist.xml file. See the "Ringlist.xml File Format Requirements" section for information about how to format this file and for a sample Ringlist.xml file.

Step 4 Save your modifications and close the Ringlist.xml file.

Step 5 To cache the new Ringlist.xml file, stop and start the TFTP service by using Cisco Unified Serviceability or disable and re-enable the "Enable Caching of Constant and Bin Files at Startup" TFTP service parameter (located in the Advanced Service Parameters).

There is a nice little Step by Step here;

Or search sites like this one;

Hope this helps!


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Re: Creating custome ring tones for CUCM 6.1.2

Thanks very much for the info. I am familiar with some of the Cisco documentation, but will certainly take a look and the resources you provided.

Greatly appreciate it!

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Re: Creating custome ring tones for CUCM 6.1.2

Hi Jim,

You are most welcome my friend!



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