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Credit card pos connection to VG224


is it possible 2 connect credit card pos to vg224(with mgcp) to go thru one of the e1 channels????

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Re: Credit card pos connection to VG224

Hi, evrybudy!!!

I am still waiting for an ans,, any1 ready to help!!!!!!!!!!! much appreciated in this concern

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Re: Credit card pos connection to VG224


It will work fine although some machines speed settings will need to be tweaked a bit.

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Re: Credit card pos connection to VG224

Regardless of speed settings,

when i connect any analog phone or fax maxhine on that vg port it works f9.but when i connect credit card pos it says "No Carrier" on pos screen.

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Re: Credit card pos connection to VG224

Anyone have answer to this would appreciate if you can share the solution if any? We have similar problem. It worked intermittently which makes it really frustrating.

Our setup is

SIP GW-----CUBE---MGCP---CUCM-----SCCP----VG224----Credit Card POS

IOS version Version 15.1(3)T for the VG224

Fax/Phone calls etc works fine on the ports but somehow Credit Card POS is giving issue.

voice service voip

fax protocol pass-through g711ulaw

modem passthrough nse codec g711ulaw

voice-card 0

stcapp ccm-group 1


stcapp supplementary-services

port 2/0

fallback-dn 12345

no ccm-manager fax protocol cisco

sccp local BVI1

sccp ccm identifier 5 version 7.0

sccp ccm identifier 4 version 7.0

sccp ccm group 1

associate ccm 4 priority 1

associate ccm 5 priority 2

voice-port 2/0

timeouts ringing infinity

caller-id enable

dial-peer voice 1 pot

service stcapp

port 2/0

Is there any special settings that need to be done for Credit Card POS?

kind regards,


Credit card pos connection to VG224

Credit Card machines do work through ATAs and VG224s. The machines sometimes only run at a fixed modem speed and refuse to downspeed (I've only seen modems across VoIP go to about 28.8 Kb/s) So if they're hard-coded to run at, say, V90 or even V92, then you're stuffed. When they do downspeed, they're not always great at it. In my experience, embedded modems are generally rather poor quality. If you can force the speed (19.2Kb/s is usually a good speed) then that can help.

Putting fax & modems across SIP tunks over the Internet adds even more complexity to the mix.

Also, I've come across a lot of credit card companys who refuse to support machines running across VoIP phone systems. Either they claim they don't work or that they are less secure than traditional phone systems. In the extreme, they'll cut off service until you put the machine on a traditional PSTN analogue line.


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Credit card pos connection to VG224

Thanks for that response Gordon, might check on that. This is what I tried so far but not much joy.

1. Disable noise generation

2. Disable VAD

3. Set codet to G711 a-law (outside of US)

config t

voice-port 2/0

no vad

no comfort-noise

compand-type a-law

I got those settings suggestion from a basic deployment guide of credit card machine.

It did mention about reducing the speed as you mentioned, namely set the baud rate to 9.6Kbps and to disable ECM in the Terminal POS. Will try contact the bank support and see if they can help set that or send their technician to set it.



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