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Cross Country Extension Mobility within the same cluster ?

Hello All,

I am currently in the planning stage for designing an expansion to an existing CUCM cluster, which involves expanding it into different countries within Europe.

Currently this single cluster is located within the UK, configured with the Line/Device approach and with the majority of users configured for Extension Mobility (EM) across the 12 or so UK sites.

As i said, we now are planning expanding the cluster to different countries within Europe. While I understand how this can be achieved from a dial plan perspective (country specific line blocking CSS-routes and site/ country specific device CSS-routes), I also realise that there's no way that I know off to restrict Country A users from logging onto a phone while in Country B, as its all located on a single cluster.

In this case, and as the physical device doesn't move with the user (and hence i think device mobility doesn't apply), the blocking routes on the line wouldn't directly match the country dial plan on the device. Also the dialling rules (or user experience) changes to the new countries dial plan (which may or may not be wanted)

Has anyone else deployed a similar setup and is able to share their experiences ?

Kind Regards


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