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CSS and Partitions in CCM 5.X

Hi there,

having an issue with some of my installs and thought id get some insight. if i have a phone in say partition International , and then place that DN in local the call manager retains the international DN. so if i now do a search for DN it comes with with the same extension in two different partitions. now from what i understand this is how it is supposed to work. the issue is that you cannot call the extension with the local partition now unless i delete the international DN. although the international DN is not checked as active.

now sometimes when i delete the inactive DN the phone work fine and sometimes i have to restart the CCM service.

anyone noticed this by some chance.


Re: CSS and Partitions in CCM 5.X

put the local directory number in the local partition and assingn the directory to a calling search space which can call both internal as well as internation numbers.

Cisco Employee

Re: CSS and Partitions in CCM 5.X

CUCM always work based on the best match.

If you have the same DN in two different partitions and a CSS with both partitions in it all the calls will always be routed to just one number.

the one that has a higher position on the CSS, the CSS partition order is used to break ties in the event of two patterns with the same probability of matching

DNs under the unassigned DNs from the route plan report are still available for digit analysis and can affect calls if not removed




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Re: CSS and Partitions in CCM 5.X

i see what you guys are saying but it is still a little grey area in the way and inactive DN should operate.

here is an example of what happend last week. we had a user that had international access and she was demoted. they called and asked to place her to make local calls only so i placed her in the local partition and CSS accordingly.

calls to her with this change rang busy, altough she could have placed calls. removing the inactive DN fixed it so that calls were normal again.

Now we had a similar circumstance and that user, although they had duplicate DN's eg 2301 - Int'l and 2301 - local, the call still went through fine.

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