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CTI error issue


I have an user having trouble to login to the CTIOS desktop, when login, it prompt for a CTI warning:

Your agent state has been set to Not Ready by the PIM because some calls were routed to you and haven't been received. Please ask your administrator for help"

anyone came across this issue before?

ICM 7.0.0


Many thanks

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Re: CTI error issue

Restart DC Directory service on the SUB and PUB

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Re: CTI error issue

We are experiencing the same problem with Agents logging into CTIOS over a WAN on a VDI terminal.

Do you know what caused the Error?

CTI Server 7.5.6

Re: CTI error issue

Hi all,

That is a very tricky issue and the cause is unlikely to be the same for everybody.

One critical info to know is the detailed call flow.

In general the call reaches ICM, the script is run and the agent is reserved (label is returned to the routing client)

Then we need to ring the agents phone and that doesn't happen. So we need to investigate all the components in between. From the routing client up until the agent's phone. The call fails to be delivered to the agents phone and by default when this happens twice the agent goes Not Ready.


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CTI error issue

We just had this same issue, I found that the agent had forwarded their device to another phone in the building.

CTI error issue


This can happen because of many reasons.

1.Make shure in queue scripts you have only interruptable play prompts.

2.Are the phones associated to the pg user?  Sme times it's wise to remove them and associate them again.

3.Device targets, are the phones correctly configured in UCCE?

4.check Device Target labels you have properly define lables for all routing clients .

5.The agent did not receive multiple consecutive calls routed to him/her. The system makes the agent Not Ready automatically so that additional calls are not routed to the agent. By default, the number of consecutive calls missed before the agent is made Not Ready is 2.

This reason code also indicates that the system made the agent Not Ready due to redirection on ring no answer.

6. Also check for Communication between Gateway and ISN.

Please check if any of this is applicable.

Hope it helps.


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This just happen to me the

This just happen to me the telephone was forwarded to zero 0. 



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