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cti port and cti route port on CUCM

I always confuse the meaning and usage of cti port and cti route port, can somebody explain to me? thanks.


Re: cti port and cti route port on CUCM

A CTI Port is a virtual port. It is analogous to a trunk line in a traditional ACD or PBX setting. i.e The CTI Port allows access to the Post Routing capabilities of the IP-IVR.

A CTI Route Point is a virtual device that can receive multiple simultaneous calls for the purpose of application-controlled redirection. Once a CTI Route Point has been created, lines (directory numbers) can be added and configured. Applications that use CTI route points include the Cisco IP Interactive Voice Response (IP-IVR) system and Cisco JTAPI with ICM. Calls are directed to CTI Route Points, which subsequently route the call to an available CTI port, the front end of the application. A CTI Route Point is the number a caller dials to access the application. A CTI Route Point must be configured for each application.

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Re: cti port and cti route port on CUCM

when i got the explanation on this the 1st time this is what they told me:

the CTI route point is a virtual device that is always available and handles the call until the JTAPI app (UCC, CUE, 3rd party VM, etc)

this is where the call is answered, where it's put on hold, etc.

the purpose of the CTI route point is to have a DN that can take all the calls. The CTI RP also communicates with the JTAPI app to let it know that it got a call and asks what to do with it. the JTAPI app at some point tells the CTI RP to send it to a CTI port

the CTI Port is just like a phone line, it takes the RTP stream and is where all the interaction takes place, you enter your ID, information, password, etc.

it can only take one call at a time and the number of CTI Ports an app has registered equals the max number of call it can take at any given time




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Buenas tardes Jaime yo puedo

Buenas tardes Jaime


yo puedo tener un dn perteneciente a un hunt list y que a su vez sea un cti port?

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