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CTI Route point for failover

Would like to have alternate path for MeetingPlace Express when the system is unavailable.

Currently have a 1-800 number availabe for use at any time as backup and would like to leverage the functiaonlity of the CTI route point's capability to have the primary path be MPE and forward on busy to the 1800 number however when using what i thought to be an easy fix turned out not to work as easy as  i had intended.

Had thought that i could do a forward all to the MPE pilot and then do a forward busy to the 1800....

Does not work.

Anyone know of a way to do this?



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Re: CTI Route point for failover


You problem is that the CTI RP in this case doesn't actually get registered by anything, so it will never be 'busy' (the device it points to may be busy, on the other hand, but the setting on the CTI RP doesn't apply to that scenario). Secondly, CFA would override any 'busy' scenario as it does on a phone.

You didn't specify how your MPE is integrated to CCM, so I'm going to assume that you are using H.233. If this is not the case let me know.

What you could do is this:

-Create a route group for MPE, and just add the MPE H.323 gateway to it.

-Create a route list containin the MPE Route GRoup, and a PSTN route group, ensuring the PSTN Route GRoup is second in the list and selection is top down.

-Set your MPE Route Pattern to point to that Route List.

-Now, when you browse intot the route list, you can click the Route Group at the bottom of the page to apply further properties. The MPE route group should not need modifying, but you should click on the PSTN Route Group, and then in the 'Called Party Number Mask' enter the full PSTN 1800 number that you want calls to go to.

Basically if you call the MPE Route Pattern, it will go to MPE... unless MPE is unavailable or all ports are busy.

Be aware that the 'all ports busy' scenario would be extremely confusing to users - half the users in one meeting may end up on MeetingPlace, and the other half on the 1800 number, and they would effectively be in different rooms.



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Re: CTI Route point for failover

Think you have it.

was thinking along those lines but never got to the end where you put the 1800 number in the route list details under the called party transformation.

Excellent - pretty confident that will work.

Thanks much.


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Re: CTI Route point for failover


Good stuff; if it works, please rate it appropriately...


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