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CTI RP and Call handler


We need to setup a simple AA in unity connection with a Route Point from CUCM pointing to unity connection.

We require one CTI RP with 10 CTI ports. We also need a call handler which play a welcome prompt and if key 2 is pressed it should reach an extn, if nothing is pressed it should go to defualt extn.

How to approach this setup.


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Is this new installation ? If

Is this new installation ? If yes;

CUCM side:

Execute the Voice mail port wizard, it will assist you in integration.

Create CTI route point and set forward all calls to Voice mail pilot number.

CUC side:

Add a phone system and choose type SCCP and add port group and then port.

Create a system call handler and give the same number in "Extension" field as CTI route point and configure the transfer options and input option accordingly.


You can visit the integration guide, that will help you.




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Dear Suresh,Tnx for the reply

Dear Suresh,

Tnx for the reply...

CUCM is already installed and integrated with unity connection using SIP trunk with 200 ports.

How to configure in this scenario?


Thanks & Regard...

Dear,Then you need to create


Then you need to create a route pattern (use free DN)  and point it to existing SIP trunk. CUC side configuration is same as described above.



Hi Raffi,you can also refer

Hi Raffi,

you can also refer the link on Call Handlers.




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Hi Aman,Tnx for the link. In

Hi Aman,

Tnx for the link. In our scenario if the users press 2 then it should go to an extn, if no key is pressed then it should direct to another extn.

 I have configured the call handler with a recording. After recording when key 2 is pressed  then it forwards to an extn. If no key is pressed then it forwards to another call handler where it directs to another extn.


Thanks & Regards...



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Dear Suresh,The option of

Dear Suresh,

The option of creating free DN pointing to SIP trunk is a good suggestion. In our scenario we have a physical extn and we are forwarding all calls to voice mail. The same extn is configured in unity as a call handler. In future we may remove this physical extn and configure route pattern as per your suggestion...



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