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CUBA (business attendant console) and external directory!


I am at a loss on how to confiugre the external directory for CUBA.

There is no information on it in the CUBA documentation..any ideas?

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Re: CUBA (business attendant console) and external directory!

That makes two of us.

I asked a Cisco CSE and he through out the idea that it was part of Arc Enterprise that wasn't completely stripped out. I'm not sure I believe this as the user guide specifically talks about it. I suppose it's possible they forgot to remove it from the docs and UI but remembered to turn off the ability to populate it.

There are similar references in the UI for MOC and Exchange calendar integration but these are also missing from the webadmin interface.

It'd be nice if there was an mailer for this mess.

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Re: CUBA (business attendant console) and external directory!


The "External Directory" is CuxAC will display external phone numbers for the Internal Directory contacts

For example, you have a contact in the Internal directory - add a cellphone number for this contact, and it will then appear in the "External Directory"

Regarding support - these products are completely supported by Cisco TAC, so those guys should be able to help you?


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Re: CUBA (business attendant console) and external directory!

TAC doesn't support partners attempting to learn the program in the lab so they can recommend, sell, and install it successfully. They will only support a customer with an active ESW contract that provides support entitlement.

Are you referring to the directory obtained from UCM through AXL? If so, I didn't know UCM read these attributes from a user account.

Also, any comment on the Exchange calendar or OCS presence capabilities?

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Re: CUBA (business attendant console) and external directory!

You're right - TAC does not support lab/trial work. However, this is something that your Cisco SE/Pre-Sales contacts should help you out with - this really is something they should be doing to help you out!!

Regarding the directory, the "internal" numbers are pulled from the CUCM directory via AXL as you say. Once this is within the CUBAC system, you can then add the external numbers yourself to these directory entries manually

As a Cisco product, the only presence option available with CUBAC is integration into CUPS. However, Arc Enterprise (also available via Cisco or directly from Arc) has this CUPS integration along with both OCS and Microsoft Exchange calendar integration options. Depending on what you're looking to do, you may find that this is a better fit. The directory manipulation options are also more flexible with Arc Enterprise.

Feel free to ping me directly offline and I can get you some lab software for Arc Enterprise v5 (where the OCS/CUPS/Exchange integration is available). Email address is or


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