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Greeting Comrades,

Let's say I have a remote SIP phone that is "registered" to a remote call agent and I want the SIP dialog routing from there across the WAN (or even open internet) to a local CME router, only to then be routed out to the PSTN via a POTS line....

I have a few questions if I may:

  • Is it reqisite that I have a SIP trunk from the remote call agent to the local CME for the traffic to flow from there to here "in", or can I simply (on the remote call agent) point (using a "voip" like dial-peer) the SIP traffic to an IP on the local CME?

  • I would assume I would need to run CUBE on the local CME router per the remote phones not being registered to said CME router (and for security functions as well)? So SIP dialog would arrive on an interface on the CME running CUBE, which would then preform BtoBUA user functions?

  • I assume (never confiured CUBE before obviously ) I could then take said SIP dialog and, on that same router running CME and CUBE, send the call's out the FXO based POTS lines?

  • And what about SIP dialog coming from the other direction? From a random PSTN based phone intended for the remote phone where the # they dial is the # associated with the POTS line... Maybe this is where\why a SIP trunk would be needed between remote call agent\CME?

I would really apprecate any help lended!


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For the scenario you described, a separate CUBE router is not needed. CME can do the SIP trunk directly.

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