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CUBE Dial Peer Questions (CUCM 6.1)

I'm trying to configure dial peers on 2821 that will be a CUBE gateway device for a CUCM 6.0 server. The router is connected to an MPLS network and the link is configured as a SIP trunk on the Telco's site.

I've attached a hypothetical network diagram to simplify things. What would be the best way for the dial peers to work in this configuration, assuming that the incoming DID range was say…555-555-1250 to 555-555-1350?

I have reviewed this document:

I'm getting confused with the inbound/outbound dial-peers. Telco is sending 10 digits and CUCM is sending 10 digits. In the about doc it uses 8... as the dial pattern but I'm confused on how the CUBE gateway will differentiate the calls and send them to the correct destinations.

If anyone can shed some light on this I would greatly appreciate it.



Re: CUBE Dial Peer Questions (CUCM 6.1)

hi Gregory

ket me describe the dial-peers logic for u

in a dial-peer lets say in ur case VOIP dial-peer

the incoming called-number mean this dial-peer will look at the incomming called number thus this is for inbound calles

if the teleco sedn u all calls every number then ur command nay be looks like

incoming called-number .

session target ipv4:[cucm ip]

the . with incoming called-number mean this will be the defual inbound dial-peer will match every number coming to ur gateway

this is in call legs the incoming call leg

while with outgoing the number will look for outbound dia-peer this way the dial-peer with destination pattren will takeplace

lets consider ur case

dial-peer voice 9 voip

desecrition outgount to ur teleco

destination pattren 9.........

session target ipv4:

session protocol sipv2

dtmf-relay rtp-nte

codec g711ulaw

dial-peer voice 91 voip

description inbound to cucm

incoming called-number 5555551[23]..

session target ipv4:

and the following link will help u understand call legs with dial-peer

good luck

if helpful Rate

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Re: CUBE Dial Peer Questions (CUCM 6.1)

Hello, I have a similar issue where we have a Nat Router natting calls from various CM servers and phones on various subnets to the mpls router out to the ATT IPGW. We can not get any more ATT IP addresses to nat with so we want to set up a cube router with NO gatekeeper as an H323 Gateway in CM and route calls to it. I could use help with the config for this. I was going to use both eth interfaces with media pass-through. How does the Cube work, does it NAT?? I am a bit lost. I have looked at ALL docs on Cisco website every example they have, I have looked at...


Re: CUBE Dial Peer Questions (CUCM 6.1)

First you have to understand dial peer selection:

1. Incoming called-number

2. Answer address

3. Destination Pattern

4. Port

First off, 4 doesn't apply because there are no analog ports.

Every call matches an incoming and outgoing dial peer.

You could match the incoming dial peer for your SIP provider on the incoming called-number of your CUCM phones.

You would match the outgoing dial peer for incoming SIP calls with a destination-pattern towards CUCM.

For incoming CUCM calls you could match an incoming dial peer based on answer-address (your DID range)

For incoming CUCM calls you can match the outgoing dial peer on a wildcard dial peer such as any 9/10/11 digit number with a destination pattern.


dial-peer voice 1 voip

desc incoming SIP dial peer

incoming called-number 55555512[5-9].

codec g711ulaw

no vad

dtmf rtp-nte

dial-peer voice 2 voip

desc outgoing cucm dial peer (for SIP-SIP CUBE)

destination-pattern 55555512[5-9].

session target ipv4:

session protocol sip

dial-peer voice 21 voip

answer-address 55555512[5-9].

desc incoming dial peer for CUCM

dial-peer voice 11 voip

desc outgoing dial peer to SIP trunk

destination-pattern .T

session target

session protocol sip

In this case the settings are you codec, DTMF, no vad, translation patterns, etc.

This is for a SIP-SIP call. Please note you shouldn't use the SIP bind command unless both your SIP provider and CUCM will be sending to the same address.

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