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Cube or Gatekeeper?


I'm struggling to work out when I would need CUBE, and when I would use just gatekeeper.

The first scenario is to join 3 CCM Clusters (and upto 5 or 6 later on).

Later on we may implement a SIP Trunk to the Telco.

At what point do I need CUBE?


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Re: Cube or Gatekeeper?

It all depends, if there is a need to provide security between the CUCM clusters and hide the IPs then you can start using CUBE right away

If they're all going to be the same company and there is no need for hiding IPs for security then you can keep them with just GK.

You definitely need to include CUBE when you start using the SIP trunk, there was an ask the expert on SIP trunks that mentions all the reasons why the SIP trunk should not be directly between CUCM and the telco. But instead use the CUBE in between (Also outlined in CUCM SRND under trunks chapter). You might be interested on reading it.



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Re: Cube or Gatekeeper?

thanks, java..... can i go a bit deeper.....

is my gatekeeper h323 only, or can it do sip to sip trunking - eg sip trunks between CCM's?

If i use the "voice service voip" command and "allow sip-sip connections" sub-commands, is that strictly speaking part of the cube software base?

am i correct in thinking that if i use cube, calls are terminated and re-started, but if i use gatekeeper only, then calls are 'passed through'?

thanks again!

Re: Cube or Gatekeeper?

interesting question!  Im curious as well.   If it was me, Id probably not "dual purpose" the gatekeeper.  Its too important of a device to have (2) main functions on it. (SIP and gatekeeper funtions).

I have used gatekeepers in the past (in a pinch) as gatekeepers and MGCP gateways.  I had some PRIs off the gatekeeper at a hub site and it worked fine.

I have not worked with the CUBE yet,  but we would have to assume there is some sort of public/private in/out of this device to hide the identity of CUCM. With this, a security concern would be involved if you combine the gatekeeper and CUBE together. (which Im guess it is not possible anyways)

sorry.. too much babbling on my part!

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