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CUBE routing Unsolicited SIP Notify MWI

I am trying to route an unsolicited SIP Notify for MWI from CUCM 7.1.5 via a Cube gateway running 15.1.4M7 to a CUCM running 10.0.1.

This is not working. SIP calls to phones and Unity Connection work fine over this link.

Also, I can send the MWI over either a SIP Trunk or an ICT Trunk direct between the two CUCM's by changing the MWI CSS to route over these trunks while the voice path is still through Cube.

However, I need the CUBE connectivity and I would like to pass the MWI through this connection. I can see the Notify arrive in the CUBE after the voice call terminates but it is not passed to the CUCM where the phone that needs MWI is registered.

CUC is connected to CUCM 7.1.5. CUCM 10 has some phones that need VM so the accounts are on CUC.

I found a previous similar case,, where it was implied this should work.




Cisco Employee

The only way to configure

The only way to configure this on a SIP to SIP CUBE is with the SUBSCRIBE NOTIFY Passthrough feature which is part of NanoCUBE.

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David,Just wanted to say


Just wanted to say thanks for the reply. I had seen reference to the nano cube but was hoping it was also possible on the standard cube on an ISR.


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