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CUBE SIP-UA number registration


I have received following information from my proivider to register set of numbers:

User name:        774053XXX               

Password:         abcd1235

Authorization user name:    774053XXX   

Domain :     

Outbound Proxy: ( some fictional IP)

I did this configuration:


credentials username 77405XXX password abcd1235  realm   ( this to register my numbers)

authentication username 77405XXX password abcd1235  realm  ( this to authenticate myself for outbund calls)

no remote-party-id

registrar ipv4:  expires 3600

I can see that trying to use x-lite,  number   774053XXX gets registered ,  registration goes to . I am not sure  what to do with " AUTHORIZATION USERNAME" 

Thanks for help.

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CUBE SIP-UA number registration

I am a little confuses with what you are trying to do.  Are you trying to have the CUBE register to the provider or an X-lite client?  The authentication information is used when you make an outbound call to the provider.  The provider will respond to the INVITE with challenge and the CUBE will send the INVITE again with the appropriate authentication.

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Re: CUBE SIP-UA number registration


Appriciate Your response . We actually worked it out with a provider. What I meant was that: we received a info from the provider - 50 numbers to register. Not regular trunk as I would usually  get.

User name:        7740543xy-address                ,where xy is from  00-49

Password:        auth-asfegrrrt

Authorization user name:  7740543xy-auth        ,where xy is from00-49


Outbound Proxy:

For testing purpose I was able to use x-lite and register these number with a privider.

I could not figure out how to put this in to cisco configuration. With a regular trunk I would receive  (usually the same)  authentication username/password ( to authenticate incoming calles)  and credential username/password ( to register my numbers). In our case  work this out provider had to consolidate  this to  single credential  username/password for every numer ( no authentication) ( now I have 50 credentials in sip-ua configuration). On top of this outbound proxy had to be put in global configuration, and domain:  was actual  registrar in sip-ua.

With a outbound proxy configured globally , I had to source sessions from differnet interfaces ( per dial-peer) to cucm and provider.


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CUBE SIP-UA number registration

Man, talk about a backwards way of doing thing! Why the heck are they configuring it as if you were running 50 individual clients and not going through a Call Manager? Usually it is one set of credentials and the provider points all of the DID's you own towards your trunk. Then you assign each number as an external phone number mask or use some type of translation pattern.

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Re: CUBE SIP-UA number registration

Hey Robert,

That was the only way to transfer 50 numbers from different  (ISDN) provider, at least that's what they said.


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Hi Bro,

Hi Bro,

I have the same problem, could you solve it?

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