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CUBE with CUCM and SIP Trunk (XO) Transfer Issue

I have an integration with a SIP trunk provided by XO Communications and have hit a neat little snag.

XO is rejecting calls with a "604 Does Not Exist Anywhere" when I have a internal station with a CFNA of an external PSTN number or having that station/user using Mobile Connect (SNR).

I have read at: that SIP Blind Transfers are not supported and it talks that the failure is caused by the system carrying the original caller's telephone number instead of the station performing the transfer, meaning that a non-subscriber number is passed to the network.

Is there a way to change that behavior on the CUBE?

I can change calling party information with transformations on CUCM but that is a kludgy fix.



Re: CUBE with CUCM and SIP Trunk (XO) Transfer Issue

This is ultimately more of an issue with the Broadsoft switch that XO is using. Ask them if they have loaded R14.SP9 yet and can allow caller ID to be "passed through".

Here is a link to the release notes:

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