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CUBE with POTS dial peers

I will try to keep this simple. At the the moment I have a Cisco 2800 router acting as SIP Gateway. The router also terminates a PRI (QSIG) link from an old Siemens Hicom PBX. I can make and place calls from the Hicom and into the SIP cloud and vice versa with no problems.

The problem I have is with CLI presentation. When an incoming call is from a endpoint in the SIP cloud rings an a PBX extension a CLI is presented, but this is not a human friendly number and cannot be dialled back. The correct information is actually in another field in the SIP messaging. Could I use CUBE to manipulate this information whilst only using one router.

All the of the documentation talks about user voip on both call legs. In my case I want to pots and a voip call leg.

Can this be achieved by CUBE before I raise a POE for the feature license?


Re: CUBE with POTS dial peers

CUBE can be co-located with a normal PRI gateway. Think of it as a normal gateway that has a SIP trunk, and all will be right.

We can't do any calling name translations, however. Check your ISDN q931 signaling to see how you're sending it on the QSIG link.


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Re: CUBE with POTS dial peers

Hi Nick,

Thanks for your prompt response. I am trying to modified what is essence the "called number" This is what I want to use CUBE for.

My current setup is

PBX<-QSIG->ISR<-SIP->Edge Router<-WAN->SIP Service provider

But if I host the CUBE license on the edge router i.e.

PBX<-QSIG->ISR<-SIP->Edge Router with CUBE<-WAN->SIP Service provider.

In this case the edge router would terminate the SIP trunk from SIP service provider and there would also be SIP trunk between the ISR and Edge router. On the Edge router (running CUBE) I would then be able to modify or change SIP messages.

The fly in the ointment is that I would need to ensure I have the correct IOS images and feature license on the edge router.

Hope this makes sense

Re: CUBE with POTS dial peers

Unless you're doing translation on the called number in the outgoing pots dial peer, or are explicitly matching numbers, the same number should show up.

You can try adding this to your pots dial peer:

no digit-strip

You would need to post the 'debug ccsip message' and 'debug isdn q931' to see what you're talking about.


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Re: CUBE with POTS dial peers

In the invite you see -

From: "5079901"<1147310101>

I would want 5079901 to appear as the calling party not 1147310101 as appears currently. In the SIP cloud there are around 600 endpoints with the number of the form 5xxxxyy where xxxx is the location ID and yy is the local extension number. I was hoping that CUBE would be able to do this. Translation rules do not cut the mustard as you can only have 10.

I understand that I could use a regexp to match 5xxxxyy and place this into a variable to replace a string elsewhere?

Re: CUBE with POTS dial peers

In this scenario the calling number is being shown as the calling name. As it stands now, we are not able to do any manipulation of the calling name (even if it is a number).



Re: CUBE with POTS dial peers

If you disabled name delivery on the QSIG link towards the PBX, would the PBX display the number on the phones instead? Could you do that through the Display IE Delivery and/or Send Calling Name In Facility IE settings?

Mary Beth

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