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CUC 7.X no MOH when call from PSTN to Call Handler.


I have an issue when making a call into our new v7 CUC from the PSTN, which goes via our old v4 CUCM cluster (being replaced). The call travels over an ICT to our new v7 CUCM cluster, and then hits a Call Handler on the v7 CUC. The Call Handler is set to transfer after user input to specific DN's, and they are all set to "supervise transfer" within the transfer rules of the user in CUC, which should provide MOH while the call is connected, and if busy go to VM, I believe all this is done within CUC.

When a call is established from the PSTN and transferrred to the DN, there is no MOH heard by the caller but the call is established and speech is heard. If I change the transfer rule to "release to switch", ie pass back to CUCM, ringback is heard from the PSTN caller, but if the called number is busy it doesn't automatically go to VM without configuring the DN's  forward parameters.

Can anyone explain why I do not hear MOH when making a call from the PSTN, but do if I make a call from the v4 IP phones.


Rod Fawns

VIP Super Bronze

CUC 7.X no MOH when call from PSTN to Call Handler.

I can think of three possibilities off the top of my head:

  1. You have integrated CUC with SIP which does not support MoH during a supervised transfer. You would need to use SCCP instead.
  2. Either the ICT or CUC are missing an MRGL with a MOH IPVMSA service in it.
  3. MOH is using multicast which is not reaching the gateway for playout to the PSTN caller.
New Member

CUC 7.X no MOH when call from PSTN to Call Handler.

Hi Jonathan,

Checked all of these possibilities. We have no SIP, only SCCP, both ends of the ICT are configured with a MRGL, and they are not configured for Multicast.



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