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CUC voicemail

Hi All,

Is there any non office hour settings in the voice mail configurations. We've like this 6600 is a Hunt Pilot. (Hunts to 6604, 6605, 6606 in Sequence, if even 6606 is not answering call shud go to VM of 6604). this is working now. But i need requirement like

for non working hours alone, caller shud get an announcement and have an option to leave VM on 6600.

Is this poosible in CUC?

Also shall we have any option on alerting name feature in 7.1.3 cucm for hunt pilot ?



Re: CUC voicemail

The answer depends on what exactly you want to have happen.  You can do ToD routing (time of day) on the CUCM itself and control the behavior of calls to specific DN's, hunt pilots, etc.  You use ToD routing along with time schedules in CUCM.  For example, during business hours you may say calls to x1000 ring out but during non-business hours then calls to x1000 are directed to VM.  If this is what you're looking for you, you need to look at ToD and Time Zones on CUCM and define what you want to happen.

Unity has schedules as well.  You can have a schedule that defines open hours and then, by default, hours outside that schedule are closed.  You apply that schedule to Call Handlers, subscribers, etc.  The schedule works in conjunction with Open and Closed greetings.  So, a call to x1000 may hear an open greeting during business hours and leave a message or whatever the case may be.  However, during closed hours Unity may be configured to play a different greeting, transfer to a different number, route to a Call Handler, etc.  There are a lot of options here but unless you do ToD at the CUCM - calls are going to be diverted to VM regardless of the schedules you set up on Unity.  As I said, once they hit Unity (or CUC) then the greetings and call actions then come into play.


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