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CUCI-Lync Visual Voicemail

I have a TAC case open for this but wanted to ping the community...

* We're doing the latest CUCI-Lync with the CUCM 8.6 and UCxn 8.6 (I think 8.6 is the newest; whatever is newest).

* UCxn and CUCM users are integrated with LDAP; UCxn users were all imported from LDAP.

* We're using a 10-digit dial plan (not +E.164)

* I have Visual VoiceMail configured and working from the 7962 desk phones

Here's the problem:

In CUCILync, pressing the Messages button launches the audio voicemail sign-in.  I want to do Visual Voicemail from CUCI-Lync.  I've done all the tasks in these:

There's no checkbox to enable this in the CUCI-Lync settings, either.

Any ideas?

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CUCI-Lync Visual Voicemail

VisualVoicemail on CUCI-Lync is not the same VV that you use on the phone.  It uses the IMAP connection to establish the connection from CUCI-Lync. Make sure ou have IMAP enabled in the COS of the user and that the IMAP service is running.  What port are you using for the connection? Can you post your cuci-lync registry configuration?



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CUCI-Lync Visual Voicemail

I bring up the VVM in case it conflicts with the VV (I assume VV is the right acronym for the IMAP one). Don't see how it would, just erring towards the side of TMI.

I'm using the default COS for all users, and all services are running.

Here is the latest registry, after many iterations:

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Cisco Systems, Inc.\Client Services Framework\AdminData]
















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CUCI-Lync Visual Voicemail

Resolved by removing my registry flub.

The problem was that the VM I'm using was once part of my lab domain, and I had pushed the registry entries contained in the HKCU\Policies branch of the registry. Those policies take precedence over any defined in the HKCU\Software folder, and my voicemail settings were not even being referenced.

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