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CUCiMOC "DeviceAdapterInitializationFailed" On windows Xp SP3


We are deploying a new install of CUCiMOC on our xp machines and we get the following error once we launch CUCiMOC

"Uknown Error.


Invalid CCMIP authentication server Configuration [1200]

The log also shows this:

2009-12-02 13:03:10,992 ERROR [1 ] [Cisco.Uc.Clients.Common.WpfServicesClient.ServicesClient] [ServicesClient.AddError(0)] - Error Type:DeviceAdaptorInitializationFailed Code:InvalidCCMCIPConfig Details:() Cause:Cisco.Uc.Clients.Common.ServiceAdaptors.Exceptions.DeviceAdaptorException: DeviceAdaptor.Initialize - Fault Exception [ClientID = CUCIMOC-1] ---> System.ServiceModel.FaultException`1[Cisco.Uc.Clients.Common.ServiceAdaptors.ServiceClients.DeviceService.Error]: Not configured (Fault Detail is equal to Cisco.Uc.Clients.Common.ServiceAdaptors.ServiceClients.DeviceService.Error).
   --- End of inner exception stack trace ---
   at Cisco.Uc.Clients.Common.ServiceAdaptors.Adaptors.DeviceAdaptor.LogAndThrowException(String msg, Exception e)
   at Cisco.Uc.Clients.Common.ServiceAdaptors.Adaptors.DeviceAdaptor.Initialize()
   at Cisco.Uc.Clients.Common.WpfServicesClient.ServicesClient.<>c__DisplayClass1b.<Login>b__13(Object stateInfo)
Cisco.Uc.Clients.Common.ServiceAdaptors.Exceptions.DeviceAdaptorException: DeviceAdaptor.Initialize - Fault Exception [ClientID = CUCIMOC-1] --->

Attached is the screen shot of the error details. As a result of this I also get LDAP server disconnected.

NB: When I installed CUCiMOC  on windows 2003 server, everything worked perfectly. This eliminates any reg configuration errors.

Please we need to roll asap. Any thoughts will be appreciated

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