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CUCM 10 Barge/CBarge with shared line between phone and a remote device

Is it possible to configure CBARGE/BARGE feature if shared line is between a cisco phone and a remote device.

When remote device picks up the phone, red light comes up on the phone, if we press the line button to Cbarge, dial tone comes up and the call does not go into a conference.


Has anyone used that feature? Can it be configured?

Cisco Employee

Does the cBarge work if both

Does the cBarge work if both phones are IP phones? Does this phone where cBarge is pressed have an MRGL that has access to a conference bridge?

Community Member

yes if I have that shared

yes  shared line on 2 Cisco phones, CBARGE works fine.

actually I have shared line between 3 devices

2 phones  and 1 remote device


If I answer the call on 1 phone I can CBARGE from another

but if call is answered on  remote device CBARGE does not work from any of the phones

Cisco Employee

A remote device as in??

A remote device as in?? Another location?? a mobile??



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(in my case MS Lync connected

(in my case MS Lync connected via sip trunk)

we tried a mobile as well, same thing

Are you using SNR to have

Are you using SNR to have Lync ring at the same time?


I don't think cBarge would work in that scenario.  Potentially may work if CUCM can send a refer to transfer the call to the conference bridge.  Probably worth collecting CallManager traces to see how it tries to handle that scenario signaling-wise.

Community Member

We are using Lync for tesing

We are using Lync for tesing purposes.

we tried scenario with Remote device as a mobile phone.  Where calls are being sent through SIP trunk to CUBE and then to our provider. Maybe I should add some commands on CUBE router?


Is that feature (CBARGE) designed to work in that scenario when shared line is answered via remote device on CUCM  I am suspecting that its not designed to work that way (If its designed to work that way, we will continue on with collecting traces, etc). 

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