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CUCM 5.1 to 7.1 Upgrade

Looking for some guidance regarding the upgrade of an existing three node CUCM 5.1 cluster to a NEW three node CUCM 7.1 cluster.

The upgrade guides don't seem to be of much help.  I'm making some assumptions here, but it looks to me as if I need to upgrade the current cluster to 7.1(3b) (latest 7.1 direct upgrade), followed by a backup of this cluster and a restore to the new cluster (assuming running 7.1(3b).

Am I heading down the right path?  Is there not a way of performing this upgrade without impacting the current production environment? 

I'm also wondering, both with or without UCSS, how does the customer obtain these interim releases?  It may be simple via the PUT tool with UCSS (I'm guessing), but if they don't have UCSS and are willing to purchase 7.1 for the new/upgraded cluster, how can they obtain the interim releases required for the upgrade (the new MCS servers may ship with 7.1(4)).

Has anyone performed a similar upgrade?

What would be the most efficient way to achieve this upgrade?

Current CUCM

Current Servers are 7825H3

Future Servers are 7825I4

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Re: CUCM 5.1 to 7.1 Upgrade

I cant confirm, but if you can upgrade your current 5.x hardware to 7.1x, I would go that route.

In place upgrade from 5.x to 7.x

Reload your Subscriber (do not try and upgrade it, not worth the time)

license it all and have it run for about a week.

After running sucessfully for the week, DRS your Publisher

Re-install your publisher on the new hardware and DRS Restore

Reload your Subscriber

Add in the additional subscriber

I have had issues where the 5x disc will not boot up on new hardware.  This is why you have to do an in place upgrade.  You could be safe and build the cluster offline.  IE....  DRS the 5.x, restore on the new hardware offline.  Upgrade to 7.x test in the lab.  If all is good, then go back to the in place upgrade of production and run.

Dont worry about what ships with the server.  You can download whatever you want from CCO.  As long as you have a 7.x bootable media, you are good.

For the actual upgrade licenses, etc..    it is confusing and a mess.   Use the PUT tool and check out everything you need for the nodes.  Cisco will then ship the PAK key and media to you.

Your additional node that you ordered should come with a PAK key in the box.

If you happen to have a 7.x bootable media, you can start the process and email and request a 60 day temp license to run your cluster.  Include in the email your SO, PO and smartnet contract that the 7.x has been ordered.

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