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CUCM 5.1

Dear All,

I have CUCM 5.1.2, recently our company's domain changed. So I need to change my CUCM s Host name, DNS server, Domain name.

How to change these settings without re-installing the CUCM.

Is it possible with CLI and just by re-booting the CUCM?


Re: CUCM 5.1

Hi, its possible, please see link below:

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Re: CUCM 5.1


Thank you very much for quick reply.

I read the document, I can change the IP address in 5.1.2, but how to change the Host name and Domain name in 5.1.2 with out re-installation?

If not Host name at least the Domain name need to be changed, how to do it in 5.1.2 with out re-installation?


Re: CUCM 5.1

This document is for CUCM 5.1(3) but should also be relevant for 5.1(2) as well:

basically all you need to type from the CLI prompt is:

CLI > set network domain

With regards to changing the Hostname on CUCM v5 it isn't possible until v6

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Re: CUCM 5.1

Hi EX,

Just thought I would this to the great info from my friend Darren (+5 points for this Darren :),

The Hostname change is now supported in CCM 6.1(2) but no previous versions of CCM as you nicely noted :)

Changing the Hostname of Cisco Unified Communications Manager Servers

Starting with this release (6.1(2)), you can change the hostname of the first node or any subsequent nodes in the Cisco Unified Communications Manager cluster. You can only change the hostname of the first node from a subsequent node. The Cisco Unified Communications Operating System Administration user interface populates the hostname field on the Ethernet Configuration window and the Publisher Configuration window with the existing values. You can change the IP address or hostname of servers using the set network cluster publisher ip or set network cluster publisher hostname CLI commands.


Caution Resetting the hostname will cause your system to reboot and you may lose connectivity with the first node and the network. Before attempting to change the hostname of a Cisco Unified Communications Manager server, refer to the Changing the IP Address and Host Name for Cisco Unified Communications Manager Release 6.1(2).

Hope this helps!


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