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CUCM 6.1 SNMP Traps

Hi (not really sure where to post this).

I am trying to setup SNMP Traps on a CUCM 6.1 I set up the SNMP Community string (Notify_Only) and a destination address. I can cause a few traps to be sent: Malicious Call, and SNMP Service Cold Start, but other than that nothing gets sent. (I am using a Trap Daemon to receive the traps.)

According to the manual the following list contains Cisco Unified Communications Manager SNMP trap/inform messages that

are sent to a configured trap destination:

• Cisco Unified CallManager failed

• Phone failed

• Phones status update

• Gateway failed

• Media resource list exhausted

• Route list exhausted

• Gateway layer 2 change

• Quality report

• Malicious call

• Syslog message generated

What am I missing. In my understanding the Traps are sent to the destination, and the destination can then set up filters on how the traps are dealt with. So why are the phone status updates and ect... not sent. This should be a no brainer, but almost nothing is being sent and I am disconnecting phones, Gateway Network Cables, Services and so on. Something should be triggered. Does anyone have any experience in this area?

Thanks in Advance

New Member

Re: CUCM 6.1 SNMP Traps

I also have SNMP traps enabled but I only get notification when I reboot a node, this maybe due to the snmp management station polling Call Manager.

For syslog messages, this is what worked for me;

1. In Call Manager serviceability, under Alarm Configuration, enabled Remote syslog, specified the IP address for your Syslog server and set the Alarm Event level to error for each and every service.

With this am able to see most of the items you have listed;

Call manager error messages,

phone un-register/register

gateway unregister/register

Gateway errors

Route list exhausted

With RTMT, I get email notification

of 'Malicious calls'.

How that helps.

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