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CUCM 6.12 SIP npdi value and how to match it so inbound calls work?

Is there a setting in CUCM 6.12 somewhere to match

provider where SIP trunk is coming from?

The IP address on the SIP

trunk destination matches the providers IP address but they are using

name for npdi. In below part of trace, the value for npdi is SIPProvider (I changed it for the post). Is there somewhere in CUCM where I can tell it what that is so it accepts the call?

Snippets from CCM traces,

INVITE sip:1234567;npdi@SIPprovider:5060;user=phone SIP/2.0

then below this,

CCM|Digit Analysis: Host Address=SIPprovider DOES NOT MATCH any

address for this cluster.

CCM|Digit Analysis: Host Address=SIPprovider DOES NOT MATCH top level

org domain.

After this, the Call Manager sends a 404 Not Found SIP message back out to provider.

We had provider change it from the name to the IP Address of the CUCM server so calls work, but curious if matching the npdi value can be handled on the Call Manager side anywhere.


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