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CUCM 6 and Active Directory Problem


I have setup CUCM6, Presence, Unity, Unity Speech to integrate with AD. This was all working fine until rights were removed from the service accounts that Unity uses,and passwords changed. also, we use the unityinstall account on the CUCM, Presence etc, for LDAP.

Our AD infrastructure is controlled by another dept in our organization, and since they have made changes to rights and passwords (even though passwords have been updated on the CUCM and Presence, and the unity permissions wizard has been run again, passwords changed in services), I am unable to log retrieve voice-messages from Unity (messages are not available now), cannot login to Presence with CUPC (Unknown login error)(however can log in to IP Phone messenger), ccmuser (non defined IMS exception)etc. The dept that admins our Active Directory say all the accounts are setup correctly (doubtfull), and I cannot see anything else that uses the old passwords before they have changed.

Has anyone had this type of problem before or know how I can get this resolved?

Thanks in advance.


Re: CUCM 6 and Active Directory Problem

All this definitely sound like your boxes are not communicating correctly with AD.

Presence pretty much depends on LDAP sync that CUCM maintains.

Pretty much everything is configured in CUCM-->Ssystem-->LDAP-->LDAP Directory.

if your AD dept maintain UID and password are the samem have they confirmed read-access to the search base that is being used?

I would delete the directory you have now, and rebuild it, see what error message you get. maybe also perfrom a full sync and see if you get anything in the event log (RTMT).

I am unsure what you mean with:

am unable to log retrieve voice-messages from Unity (messages are not available now),

again, looks like Unity is unable to use your message stores.

I would ask your AD team to send screen shots of the right set up of your unity service accounts. the permissions wizard is the right thing to run in case accounts change.

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Re: CUCM 6 and Active Directory Problem

The CUCM performed a sync last night successfully, however, in CUCM I have used the unityinstall account to for LDAP configuration, and on the Presence Server, under app>CUPC>LDAP>> i have also used unityinstall, should I not use the dirsvc account (if there is any specific requirements for the accoutn you use for LDAP?). But am certain is a problem on AD, I have gone opver teh config guides and checked everything for installing and configuring presence and integrating with cucm, so I know everything is correct. I have organised the AD guys to be on site until these problems are resolved. I am going to to disable all LDAP settings, remove all service accounts, and recreate them, re-run permissions wizard, and recreate the LDAP configurations on the Presence and CUCM, hopefully this will fix it.

Oh, I meant, am unable to log in to Unity and retrieve voice-messages from Unity (error: messages are not available now)-this usually happens when it cannot communicate with the partner mail server, like you said. This is more than likely a problem with loggin onto exchange or exchange admin rights.

I'll keep you posted on the results. Have a good one thanks bru.

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