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CUCM 6 - HP DL380 G4 - Unsupported hardware

Hi Guys,

Trying to install call manager 6 on an hp dl380 machine and it is giving an error of unsupported hardware, but no further details.

This machine should be capable & is supported by Cisco. It has 4x512mb ram, two 72gig 10K HDD, dual 3.6G CPUs etc.

Cisco states it should be 3.4Ghz CPU, the faster processors shouldnt make a difference right?

Is there anything else i can check? BIOS settings, raid settings???




Re: CUCM 6 - HP DL380 G4 - Unsupported hardware

The hardware must match exactly (2,33 Ghz) but the you have 3.4Ghz "It's not supported". Please answer the following questions for me:

What is the exact model number of the server?

-(e.g., MCS-7845-H2 (DL380-G5)

-What is the serial number of the server(s)?

Re: CUCM 6 - HP DL380 G4 - Unsupported hardware

Hi James,

Following are the supported DL390-G4 servers -

HP DL320-G4 Server with Pentium D 2.8-GHz Processor

HP DL320-G4 Server with Intel 950 3.4-GHz Processor

HP DL380-G4 Server with Xeon 3.4-GHz Processor

Match the server specifications with the mentioned specifications on the following link -

Please note that if Cisco says the processor speed should be 3.4GHz then it should be that. No + - supported, since this inforamtion is already burnt into the installation CD and it checks for the exact match.

>> Sushil

Community Member

Re: CUCM 6 - HP DL380 G4 - Unsupported hardware

It should indeed be exact the same, the installer checks that. Even if 3.4 Ghz CPU is supported, you should have only one of them and remove the second. It also checks the number of disks and their sizes.

It will only work on the exact configs as mentionned on the site

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