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cucm 6 with unity connection 6 problem

Hi team,

I have configured CUCM 6 for vmprofile(voice mail pilot 9000) and associate with ip phone.

(configured, Vmail ports(6), line group, hunt list, hunt pilot, voicemail pilot and voice mail profile)

On unity connection 6, under telephony integration configured phone system, port group, port and AXL service to CUCM 6. and tested connection fine.

when I press message button on IP Phone(communicator), it dialing 9000(pilot) but nothing... busy tone.

Note: there is no user associated to IP phone at the moment.

could anyone guide me how to finish the integration ? (users in CUCM 6 able to leave message on untiy con). they both are on different machienes.

Thank you in advance.



Re: cucm 6 with unity connection 6 problem


Have you checked whether or not your VM ports in CUCM are registered or not?

- VM Profile that you created have you assigned that profile under Phone>DN as the VM Profile.

- Check VM Ports under CUCM

- Check Pilot Point in CUCM and UCnx

Even though you have not created a VM account for that particular extension on your test phone pressing MESSAGES key on phone should take you to Connections and it will ask for Enter ID and Password stuff..


Re: cucm 6 with unity connection 6 problem

Hi Vikram,

Thank you for your reply.

I have checked the voice ports under CUCM6, status unknown. its same for all 6 ports.


Device NameSort DescendingDescriptionDevice PoolDevice Security ModeCalling Search SpaceExt.PartitionStatusIP AddressCopy
CiscoUM1-VI1unity con voice mail portsDefaultNon Secure Voice Mail Port6000UnknownUnknownCopy

2. when you created ports under unity connection there were only two created due to license restrictions.

I appreciate your time.



Re: cucm 6 with unity connection 6 problem


Check in Connections under : Telephony Integrations > Port Group > Device Name Prefix it should match exactly what you named in CM.

As per your CM info you provided Device Name Prefix should be CiscoUM1-VI.

You can test telephony integration from CNX. VM Ports in CM have to be registered for you to be able to call Connections. Even if you have configured more than 2 ports in CM and CNX, only 2 ports will register due to Demo License capabilities.



Re: cucm 6 with unity connection 6 problem

Thanks Vikram.

I think I have overlooked about the CUCM voice ports prefix

I just updated Connection end as you suggested. it works.

now I will go ahead and create some users....


Re: cucm 6 with unity connection 6 problem

Glad to know I was able to help :-)

New Member

Re: cucm 6 with unity connection 6 problem

Hi Sanjeev,

Above what you advice is on SCCP integration with CUCM.

What if the integration is through SIP with CUCM 7.x? Do i need to create a voice port on CUCM explicitly?

It doesn't stated in the CUCM SIP Trunk integration guide with CUC, and i tried to create the voice port to register with CUCM but failed.

So can i assume that voice port creation is not require for SIP based integration with CUCM? Phone is manage to hit the welcome greeting.

Need your advice.


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