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CUCM 7.0.1 - Sip Trunk to a Samsung PBX

Hi forum,

I need to make a sip trunk from a test CUCM 7.0.1 to our enterprise Samsung PBX (to which PSTN lines are physically connected), in order to place some test calls. Scenario:


I did the following, (but all the calls fail with a fast-busy tone):

1) In Cisco Unified Serviceability, I activated the Cisco IP Voice Media Streaming App service;

2) In System > Security Profile > SIP Trunk Security Profile, I changed the Outgoing Transport Type from TCP to UDP.

3) I configured a SIP trunk that points to the Samsung PBX ip address, the rest was left to the default settings;

4) I configured a route pattern (2! - the samsung pbx extensions are 201, 202, etc.) and in the "Gateway/Route ListRequired Field" I chose the Sip trunk I did;

5) obviously all ip phone belongs to a CSS in which the partition associated to the route pattern that goes to the sip trunk is present;

I feel I'm missing can I solve this?

Thank you - Kind Regards


P.S: on the Samsung side SIP works fine and, in fact, I can place test calls from a 3CX soft phone to the Samsung, just by calling the 2XX@samsung_ip_addrress url.

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Re: CUCM 7.0.1 - Sip Trunk to a Samsung PBX

Ok, I solved the problem :-)

I was missing:

1) the MTP configuration: you have to apply a Media Resource Group List to the SIP trunk;

2) the SIP Route Pattern configuration, where you have to configure the IP address of the SIP end point (in my case the Samsung PBX) and the partition you want to route to the SIP endpoint;

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Were you able to resolve

Were you able to resolve problem

Community Member

have not been able to make

have not been able to make samsung communicate with cucm



Can you give us more information about the issue? Did you try taking SIP traces and if so, please share the same.

- Vivek

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