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CUCM 7.1(2) recovery disk

I am trying to make a disk image of our call manager 7.1(2) server before running the 7.1(3) patch and I have a disk error or a  bad sector on it.  I was wondering if there is a disk check like option on the recovery disc?  I had another server crash on me the last time I tried to boot from a disc so I am hesitant to try if this doesn't have it.  It runs linux so there is no simple dskChk option.  Has anyone done this before?

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Re: CUCM 7.1(2) recovery disk

honestly, its easier to simply run DRS (backup).  Replace the drive(s) reload CUCM 7.1(2) and restore from backup.

I  have not heard of anyone trying to use a disc imaging software on CUCM.   Plus if the drives are mirrored, you should be able to shut down the server, pull the bad drive, push in a drive and let it rebuild on its own.

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Re: CUCM 7.1(2) recovery disk

well we had a previous server but it crashed and we bought this one off ebay and it came with only 1 drive.  When we inserted

another drive and tried to mirror them it refused to load up at all, bios errors everywhere.  I'm not very knowledgable with cisco so I'm trying to minimize the downtime as much as possible.

Re: CUCM 7.1(2) recovery disk

Step 1.  Do not buy your production equipment off ebay. (joking)

Probably because you loaded it with one drive only, you cant add a drive later.   I would still DRS backup, then insert **2** drives, reload cucm 7.1.2 and then a DRS restore.

You are rolling the dice if you think the recovery disc is going to cure your bad sector issue.

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