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CUCM 7.1 Licenses

I have a 3 member cluster of 7825 UCM servers with about 150 registered devices.  A VAR is proposing the

Smartnet below.  Can someone here on Netpro tell me what each of these licenses cover?  I want to make sure

I get enough covereage but on the other hand not more than I need.  Thank you.



LIC-CM7.1-7825=  QTY 3



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CUCM 7.1 Licenses

UCL calculator

,  Use this comprehensive tool to determine license requirements for UCL  and Cisco Unified Workspace Licensing, including price comparisons.

Also refer this link:

Cheers !!


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CUCM 7.1 Licenses

Piyush Jain - when I click those links I get

Forbidden File or Application

CUCM 7.1 Licenses


CUCM 7.1 is no longer sold and the End of New Service Attachment Date:App. SW expired on 22 June 2013

Details of this can be found in the CUCM End of Sale Notice at the link below:

I am afraid that you seem to have been given incorrect information as it is no longer possible to purchase software maintenance contracts for CUCM 7.1.

Cisco are currently running a program called "Drive to 9" which encourages upgrades to CUCM 9 through special offers.

If your partner has not mentioned this and has told you that you can buy SmartNet for CUCM 7.1 then I would recommend you talk to other partners.

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CUCM 7.1 Licenses

Hawkins - we already have owned the 7.1 for three years.  We purchased three years of Smartnet originally and now we just want continued support.  In your referenced URL and the one below it appears to me :

The last date to extend or renew a service contract for the product" September 2014.  And the last date to receive support is June 2015.


CUCM 7.1 Licenses


As rightly said in the link for BE, about last date of renewal and support, it is better u get in touch with Cisco Account Manager or SE who can guide u.

you can only further renew the support contract till Sep. 2014, if the running/existing contract is valid.this can be extended only till June 2015.

you can refer the link if u are not using BE



Re: CUCM 7.1 Licenses

If you already have a maintenance contract then you should have been given the option to renew it (although this will probably have been sent to the partner that you originally bought it from).

Do you have a contract number for maintenance? - if yes then Cisco should be able to look it up and then tell you exactly what would you would need to buy.

Note also that you generally need two products.

Essential Software (ESW) provides TAC access and bug fixes

Unified Communications Software Subscription (UCSS) provides software upgrades

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