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CUCM 7 called party number transformation?

Is it possible to transform called party number?

Something like this:

I need that the format of a called party number always like this 00-123-12-123456.

When dial PSTN number, for example (0 is prefix for outside calls to PSTN) 0123456 i need that call be translate in format 00-123-12-123456?

Is something like this possible on CUCM7?

This I need because of billing applications that we use.

I hope you understand my question.

If you need more explanation about this please let me know.



Re: CUCM 7 called party number transformation?


You should be able to do this using the new transformation pattern feature introduced in CUCM7. These are explained in the SRND at the link below:

For your example you would need to create a Called Party Transformation Party with the following values:

Pattern 00.XXXXXX

Discard Digits PreDot

Prefix Digits 0012312

You obviously need to create a partition for the transformation pattern and a CSS to be assigned to the gateway routing the outbound calls (either directly or via the device pool).

Hope this helps - please rate if useful.

New Member

Re: CUCM 7 called party number transformation?

Thanks, jamesha

I will use the guidelines from the link in the best possible way...

Another thing interested me.

What type of gateway would be better to use in this situation?

Is it a MGCP or H323?

Re: CUCM 7 called party number transformation?


I do not believe gateway protocol is important when using called party number transformations although to date I have only used them with MGCP.

The selection of the gateway protocol depends upon whether you need particular features of either - e.g. H.323 provides call routing intelligence and number manipulation on the gateway, MGCP is simpler and allows more granular control of ports within route groups in CCM).

If everything is equal I tend to prefer H.323 but that is because I am from a routing and switching background and prefer doing things in IOS.

New Member

Re: CUCM 7 called party number transformation?


I will probably use MGCP.

PDF for which You sent me the link is very good, there is only left with the billing application developers are testing whether the format of called number corresponds to their needs.

If everything goes as expected, I will inform You.

Again, I sincerely thank.


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