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CUCM 7 CDR BILLING server config

Hello, everyone

I have a CUCM 7 and I am gonna to set up a external billing server , I have some questions on this setup

1) the format of " directory path", for example, if my ftp server ip is, the forder is cucmcdr

should I put /cucmcdr/, or cucmcdr/ or //

2) do I need to reactive any service after I enable the CDR in enterprise parameters

Thanks in advance

Cisco Employee

Re: CUCM 7 CDR BILLING server config

If the cucmcdr folder is the root of your SFTP server you can just use / or /cucmcdr if it is one level down.


Community Member

Re: CUCM 7 CDR BILLING server config

Thanks Jesse

the cucmcdr is one level one the root for the user login to the FTP. I remember from Cisco document, it has to end with a "/" or "\"

I am not sure. please verify it for me

and also about the second questions, anytime I change enterprise paramenter, especial CDR file interval , should I restart the CDR agent or repository manager ? thanks

Re: CUCM 7 CDR BILLING server config

So, for example let's say you use copSSH and your SFTP user is "sftpuser" and you want to put files in a folder called "cdr".  The file path would be:  /home/sftpuser/cdr/

FYI:  The trailing / is funny.  I've seen it get left out and work fine but I've seen the opposite as well.  So, most folks put it there for good measure and avoid any potential errors.

If you change those Enterprise Parameters, I believe they take affect immediately; however, if you want to be sure - I don't see harm in restarting CDR services even during production hours (may not apply to every company but pretty benign process).

Hope this helps.  Happy Holidays.

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