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cucm 7 & Exchange 2007

have a bit of a complex setup here that i can't seem to figure out.

have cucm 4 and 7 cluster setup as 2 independant clusters.

Moving users from 4 to 7.

Have Exhcnage 2007 setup and working on cucm 7 cluster.

The two clusters are geographically split across wan such that pubs for both clusters are in site A and subs for both are in site B.

when i have ip phone registered to cm4 in site b and it goes thru to cm7 to site B to get to exchange i see a media stream to the cm7 pub however, everything from softphone to sip trunk should be going through the subs in site b.

can anyone explain why there is a data stream going to the cm7 pub?

I've tried rebooting the cm7 cluster but am unable to reboot cm4 as it is prod.

I have double checked everything that i can think of such as route patterns, lists, groups, device pools, etc to ensure that all is on the SUB side but still see the stream going to the CM7 PUB.

reason i'm trying this is that when pub is down i can't reach the exchange server so decided to see where data was traversing and did a bit of sniffing and found this.





Re: cucm 7 & Exchange 2007

What type of gateways are being used, MGCP or H323? Are the gateways registered to the Subscriber or the publisher? Are there any transcoders being run on the publisher?

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