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CUCM 7 + Restrict Directories Button for Lobby Application

What is the simplest way to restrict the directory button from showing any text? I have configured a Common Phone Profile that allows for external services entries and have placed a bogus URL into the phone's directory field which does prevent using the various directory functions, but the Missed/Received/Placed/Personal/Corporate Directory text still displays.


Re: CUCM 7 + Restrict Directories Button for Lobby Application

Hi Calvin,

That's what we call enhance service provisioning.

Just for the record:

We have: Services Provisioning option under Enterprise Parameters,

default is set to internal

The behavior with internal is as follows:

• Phone Services (including Call History logs and Personal Directory) are provisioned in the configuration file, and the Services/Messages/Directories URLs are not used.

• Any valid Java MIDlet services provisioned will be installed and available to run

If we want to do it for all phones, under IP Phone services, disable (uncheck the enable box) on the options you want to disable the options you dont want, but per the subject of this post we want to restrict it.

If I remember correctly, Enterprise Subscription for all Services that are being listed is: True, so i think this may be a factor.

If set to External:

• Phone Services are not provisioned in the configuration file by CCM TFTP (and phone would ignore them even if they were).

• The phone only uses the Phone Services URLs. Unlike the 5.3.1 use case, the Call History logs and Personal Directory are not statically enabled in phone firmware, therefore they must be returned by the corresponding URL to be enabled

Im gonna check tomorrow with my lab phones and look for an option, other than disabling, not sure if we try to recreate the service and use Enterprise Subscription to False will help, but let you know.

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Re: CUCM 7 + Restrict Directories Button for Lobby Application

Setting to external from both did remove the missed/received/placed/etc text.

Any thought on how to disable the directory button all together; like the messages or services buttons?


New Member

Re: CUCM 7 + Restrict Directories Button for Lobby Application


Your solution of removing the missed/received/placed was not working to me. They are still there for 7941 phone.

But for your question of disabling directoy button, I have the following thought:

(1) uncheck "Enable" option of the default Corporate Directory service--- this way will remove the Corportate Directory from all IP phones in the cluster-- because by default it has "Enterprise Subscription" checked.

(2) Create a new Corporate Directory service, named such as Corporate Directory 2---copy the same url from the above default one, check "Enable" option, but uncheck "Enterprise Subscription"

(3) Using BAT or manually subscribe the new Corporate Directory 2 service to those IP Phones that you want to have. This way can exclude those lobby ip phones that you don't want to have directory options.

I tested this option, and it works. Maybe there is other better way to achieve this.



Re: CUCM 7 + Restrict Directories Button for Lobby Application

Actually, it is a little more straight forward than that. I found this problem interesting and mocked it up in the lab. I think I found the issue you were encountering. Another method to disable the "Directories" button in CUCM7x, involves the following:

1. Create a Common Phone Profile

- name the profile whatever you want (e.g. External URL Phone Profile)

- Modify the Services Provisioning parameter to "External URL"

- Save

2. Apply this Common Phone Profile to the IP phone of your choice and restart the phone

At this point, you have told the phone to use External URLs for the Directories button. But, if you are using a default CUCM7x build this isn't enough, you have another step to perform.

Remember, that now your phone will check it's device configuration (Directory) to see if there is a URL. If this is a default config, no URL will be present. Next, the phone will use the Enterprise Parameter "URL Directories". If you have a default build and haven't modified this parameter, it is still there. Therefore it is still being used and the phone's Directories button will still function.

Now, clear the "URL Directories" parameter and save the configuration. Restart your IP phone, and your Directories button will be disabled.

I have a more involved discussion in my blog if interested:



HTH -Bill (b) (t) @ucguerrilla

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Re: CUCM 7 + Restrict Directories Button for Lobby Application

I was able to disable the directories button using the above configuration, but recently placed call information is still displayed when you try to key-in a number during pre-dial option on a Cisco 7975.

For example, recently dialled numbers 1751 1752, when I pre-dial 1 it displays (or suggests) 1751, 1752 below...

Any fix for this too?


Re: CUCM 7 + Restrict Directories Button for Lobby Application

I don't think this can be done (from CUCM).  Because it's a phone feature instead of CUCM feature.  If the phone was reset, the recent dialed number list will be lost.

In order to "fix" this, you need a customized firmware for the phone.


Re: CUCM 7 + Restrict Directories Button for Lobby Application

Great blog Bill!

Do you know if there is anyway you can disable missed and placed calls?



New Member

Re: CUCM 7 + Restrict Directories Button for Lobby Application

Wouldn't setting URLs to external also kill the "Messages" button functionality? It couldn't be bound to a URL since it doesn't hav

e any, and is bound to the internally provisioned service to connect to Voicemail.

Please let me know if you know something about preserving Messages while setting location to External.