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CUCM 7 to Nortel cs1k 5 one way talk path


Hi, My Customer has a Cisco with SIP to a Nortel. Calls to the PSTN route over SIP to the Nortel, the Nortel tandems with a T1 for outgoing calls. I hear no ringback on the Cisco and when the called party answers, I can hear them, but they cannot hear me.

Calls to PRIs or to other Nortel sets work, it is just calls that route over the T1. The Nortel sees the connect ack on the d-channel.

A SIP page server can call the same number and the called partyhears the message from the pager server.

Although it looks like a Nortel issue, the page server test works. I get 100% success with the page server and 100% failure with the CUCM. i set up the Nortel per the interoperability guide, could there be an issue with the CUCM or did we miss something?

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