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CUCM 7.x Hunt Group to Voice Mail Question

Hi folks,

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I'm after some advice which is probably very straightforward, but I just can't get my head around it. The story unfold thus...Basically I want to create a hunt group, let's say, for a support team with 3 members and longest idle as the distribution algorithm. Setting up the hunt group in CUCM is no problem, actually pretty easy to be honest. However, my problems start when it comes to the end of the 'hunt'.....

I want it to forward onto a group voice mail that anyone in the team can access, rather than go into a personal voice mail account. I'm using Unity Cx 7.x as well. Each of the support members has their own personal v/m account. My question here today is, how do I set this up? Do I need to create an 'Support' user as it were in CUCM and import that into Unity, then in the line group use that extension in the 'Forward when busy/no answer'? Or is there an easier way to do it? Perhaps an alternate greeting of some sort in Unity???

Your help and advice is much appreciated. This may be bugging someone else out there too, so hopefully more than just one will benefit from your knowledge.

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Re: CUCM 7.x Hunt Group to Voice Mail Question

Hi Dev,

You are completely on the right track with this

In this example we are going to do what you are trying to do as well as Light the MWI Lamp on the phones within the Line Group when a Message is left for the group. We will need to setup a second "Dummy" line on the Line Group member phones for the Messaging portion of the config.

Lets say the Hunt Pilot number is 5000 and the Dummy Extension on the Line Group member phones is 2355. Set the Hunt Pilot to Forward (CFNA) to the Unity Connection Pilot #.

Create a mailbox for 2355 with 5000 as an Alternate Extension. When the call routes through to Connection via the Hunt Pilot No Answer UC should see the CLID of 5000 which will then be connected to the Mailbox on 2355.

Alternate Extensions

On the Alternate Extensions page for a user account, you can enter phone numbers to set up alternate extensions in addition to the primary extension of the user. Alternate extensions can be used for various reasons, such as handling multiple line appearances on user phones. Alternate extensions can also make calling Cisco Unity Connection from an alternate device,such as a cell phone, a home phone, or a phone at another work site more convenient.

When you specify the phone number for an alternative extension, Connection handles all calls from that number in the same way that it handles calls from a primary extension (assuming that ANI or caller ID is passed along to Connection from the phone system). This means that Connection associates the alternate phone number with the user account, and when a call comes from that number, Connection will prompt the user to enter their password and log on.

From this doc;

Then tweak the Message Lamp Setting in CCM for the 2355 Line appearances;

For the Line Setting on 2355 (each phone)-

Line Settings for this Device - Changes affect only this device

Message Waiting Lamp Policy - Light and Prompt

The RED Message Lamp will then work for these Second lines on each phone.

Hope this helps! Happy Holidays!


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