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CUCM on vmware ESXi 5.0

Hi ,

We have UCS C210-M2. We are having CUCM, Unity connection and presence  at our DC and planning to install the same versions on UCS with vmware ESXi 5.0 at our DR. But we are having license for 4.0 which is very old that was procured long back. So i want to know whether we can apply for 5.0 license, if so then how. My second query is , can we install any 8.X train version on ESXi 5.0.



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CUCM on vmware ESXi 5.0

About ESXi vs UC compatibility read here:

Supported Versions of  VMware vSphere ESXi



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Re: CUCM on vmware ESXi 5.0

Hi Bhavani,

Licensing are basically of 3 types on call manager.

Train license => e.g if you are moving from 7.x to 8.x you would need a new one.

Node license => to add new nodes into the cluster.

DLU lincese => to added more phones into the cluster.

DLU and Node lincese will carry over. But not the Train(software feature)

You said you have UCS C210-M2 which runs CUCM, Unity connection and presence at location 1

You are now planning to move the location to location 2 with vmware ESXi 5.0 and same version.

To run the above systems. You would need lincense of 8.x version and using the lincense of 4.x or 5.x they cannot run. And if you need licenses for any of the above you would have to contact your Cisco Accounts team or open TAC ticket here

with the below parameters and engineer from licensing team will assist you.

Technology: Voice - Communications Manager
Subtechnology: Communications Manager (Appliance model)
Problem Code: Licensing

Beware that some of the changes made on VMWare also can change the MAC hash value and license file will be effected or deactivated.

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