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New Member

CUCM 8.5 to T37?

Hi All,

I would like to try to implement T37 S&F on a 2951. However, my PRI is already binded to an MGCP gateway to CUCM, which means the dial plan will be ignored on any incoming calls, so I can't get the call to the onramp script. Is there a way to get CUCM to send the call back to that script some how? Or do I have to rig it up with another 2 T1 ports and loop the calls through?




CUCM 8.5 to T37?

Hi Dan,

You can not have MGCP gateway to achieve this. Also you can not send call back from CUCM to router as H323 call to invoke the script. No workaorund if you want to use T.37.

In T.37 store and forward faxing, the OnRamp gateway should receive fax transmissions directly from the PSTN. Similarly while offramping the fax to an offramp gateway the gateway should be directly connected to the PSTN to circuit switch the


Unfortunately you will reuqire h323 gateway to achieve this.

Regards Ronak Patel Rate all helpful post by clicking stars below the answer.
New Member

CUCM 8.5 to T37?

Thanks for the response Ronak. Seems like one option woudl be to put another VWIC in the router, have CUCM send the call back out one port, to a loopback cable, and back in the other port, configured with no MGCP gateway and Onramp....though I don't think I really like that solution - kind of a hack. So maybe I should look at other options?



CUCM 8.5 to T37?


I do not think the workaround you mentioned will also work, as S&F requires direct connection to PSTN. I believe you should look at other option only.


Ronak Patel

Regards Ronak Patel Rate all helpful post by clicking stars below the answer.
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