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CUCM 8.6(2) DLU license assignment quest

Precursor: I  am running 8.6(2) in a lab environment although the question can be applicable to UCM 6 and 7 as well)

Question for DLU assignment in UCM 8.6(2).

I have written some SQL queries against the UCM 8.6(2) Data Dictionary to understand DLU licensing assignments for registered devices. 

run sql SELECT d.Name, d.Description, AS class, AS model, tu.units AS dlu

FROM Device AS d

JOIN typeclass AS tc ON d.tkclass = tc.enum

JOIN typemodel AS tm ON d.tkmodel = tm.enum

JOIN typelicenseunit AS tu ON =

WHERE IN ('Phone','Device Profile')

name                                               description                                   class                              model                                  dlu

========================== ======================      ============              =============                ===

SEP0015C69F2838                       CS Test Phone                             Phone                              Cisco 7940                         4

SEP00152BA22966                       SEP00152BA22966                     Phone                              Cisco 7940                         4

SEP000CCE73FF41                      SEP000CCE73FF41                    Phone                              Cisco 7940                         4

SEPAB39EBF9DB00                     SEPAB39EBF9DB00                    Phone                              Cisco 7905                         2

CIPC3                                             Agent5                                          Phone                              Cisco IP Communicator     3

CIPCDGAUTHIER-DP                   DP fo EM for CIPCDGAUTHIER  Device Profile                   Cisco IPCommunicator      3

EM User                                         Extension Mobility User                 Device Profile                   Cisco IP Communicator     3

CIPCDGAUTHIER                          CIPC for DGauthier                       Phone                              Cisco IP Communicator      3

SEP000C295F2938                                                                              Phone                              Cisco IP Communicator      3

As you can see above, the Device Profile for EM (Extension Mobility) appears to have 3 DLUs assigned...keep in mind that I have removed some of the entries to simplify my response.  But, between Phones and Device Profiles allocated...I get a total of 78 license when I query via CLI.

When I go to the UCM, System, Licensing, License Unit Report, I only get 72 licenses allocated.  Will state that the 78 vs 72 licenses have not association with Node licenses for Pub and Sub(s).

Can somebody add insight?  It seems like an inconsistency the was UCM GUI reports on DLUs vs CLI license reporting...

Please advise...thx!


CUCM 8.6(2) DLU license assignment quest


As u have mentioned that query shows output for the endpoints/devices which are registered on call manager while the licensing report shows all devices which have been confiigured and are consuming licenses.

Do u have any phones which are configured but not registered at this point of time ?



Community Member

CUCM 8.6(2) DLU license assignment quest

Yes...I have phone configured, but not registered at the moment.  So would the un-registered phones contribute to the GUI via CLI license differences?

But what about device profiles? What I find interesting is that when Mobility is enabled, 2 or 4 DLU are allocated depending on Primary Device chosen in End User.  Maybe this is apples and oranges...



CUCM 8.6(2) DLU license assignment quest


Yes, the configured but un-regsitered phones do consume licnese.You can try removing one of them and check.

Mobility end users do consume license.



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CUCM 8.6(2) DLU license assignment quest


Ok...did some clean up of users and devices and here  is the what I found.  If I query via CLI via the typeclass and  typemodel...the CLI provides the types of classes and models with  assigned DLUs.  My lab UCM 8.6(2) currently has one (1) active DP + a  Default Device Profile, each of which report 3 DLUs each.  The remainder  of the DLUs allocated are typeclass = Phone which results in 35 DLUs  allocated.

So it is the 35 DLUs + Adjust DLU license, 2  DLUs assigned via Extension Mobility = total 37 DLU.  this is is  agreement with what UCM GUI, License Unit Report provides.

Therefore...the  Device Profile, although shows as 3 not added to the 'burned'  licenses.  Regarding your early statement...DLU assignment is used when  the device is created the first time and not whether the device is  registered or unregistered state.

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CUCM 8.6(2) DLU license assignment quest


sorry...fat fingered...

35 DLUs + Adjunct DLU license (2  DLUs assigned via Extension Mobility) for total DLU assignment = 37

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