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CUCM 8.6.2a to 8.6.2a(su3)

Is this considered a refresh or L2L upgrade? It's a bit confusing searching on it. I want to upgrade our CUCM 8.6.2a cluster of 4 CUCM's and was trying to figure out if I can upload the files in advance to save time and reboot to the new version during a maintenance window? All I read is that you can "upgrade during business operations without affecting service on an L2L upgrade but not for a refresh upgrade.

I need to also upgrade the UCCX servers and CUPS server during this upgrade process also...

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CUCM 8.6.2a to 8.6.2a(su3)

This is just a minor upgrade, this does not require a refresh cop as you would have already done it when going to base 8.6 (if you upgraded). 


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CUCM 8.6.2a to 8.6.2a(su3)

The question is - can the servers be upgraded during business hours in the standby partition and then rebooted during off hours?

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CUCM 8.6.2a to 8.6.2a(su3)

Yes, if that is what you want to do. I still typically recommend doing this after hours especially on busy systems though.


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CUCM 8.6.2a to 8.6.2a(su3)

Hi Tim,

This would be an L2 upgrade A Refresh upgrade would

be a pre-8.6 to 8.6 or later.

You should be able to do the upgrade and use the "do not switch version"

and then use the "switch version" during the upgrade window. Don't forget

to keep track of any user changes done during the upgrade to switch version

intervening time frame.



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