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CUCM 8.6 and mask dialed number.

We have 11 digit DN's. Users are  used to dialing and see'ing 6 digits. I have used transformation  patterns so that when someone is called, the person called see's the  call as just the last 6 digits. However, the person who dialed 6 digits  sees the entire 11 digit number.

Is there anyway to make it so the person who placed the call only see's the last 6 digits?



CUCM 8.6 and mask dialed number.

If you are transforming the called number via a translation pattern you can control it via calling number connected section

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CUCM 8.6 and mask dialed number.

Phone A - 100-070-0120

Phone B - 100-070-0110

Translation Pattern:

Pattern: 7XXXXX

Called Party Transform Mask: 100007XXXXX

Calling Party Transformation Pattern

Pattern: 100007.!

Calling Party Transformation Mask: 7XXXXX

Discard Digits: Pre-dot

Phone A, dial phone B, by dialing 70-0110. The call hits the translation pattern, and changed the dialed number to 100-070-0110. This is also reflected on the display of Phone A. Phone B rings, and because of the calling party Transformation pattern, Phone B says that Call is from 70-0120. The problem is that I want phone A to say 70-0110 as the dialed number on the screen versus 100-070-0110.

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Re: CUCM 8.6 and mask dialed number.

To my knowledge you have no method to manipulate the called/connected number displayed on the calling phone when the call remains on-net within CUCM. For the E.164 deployments I have found that it's easier to train users that "it doesn't matter how you make the call, the system will find the user. Because of this, you'll see a consistant caller ID value of the full number." Spin doctor is in the house.

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