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CUCM 8/Equitrac Integration


We have a customer that is currently using the equitrac software for accounting
and billing purposes. It is already integrated with a Legacy PBX using FAC and
CMC codes. We are going to replace the PBX with CUCM 8 and I

would like to know if anyone out there has done an integration with CUCM and
Equitrac and if so how?

Thank you

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Re: CUCM 8/Equitrac Integration


I was just involved in a project that had the same requirement. Integrating CUCM 7.x or higher and Equictrack ( Adding account / client matter codes to calls and then exporting them into Equitrac).

I created a JTAPI application that works as a web XML phone service. The program allows Cisco IP phone user to select predefined account code, enter a code or create a list of favorites. The user can select the code before the call is made if they do that the code is added to the next call made from that phone. Also the user can enter the code while they are already on the call.

The client matter codes are connected to the CDR records and once a day they are exported to an ascii file, the file then is imported into  Equitrac.

If you are interested in a solution of this type please let me know: robertm at or post a message on this forum.


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Re: CUCM 8/Equitrac Integration

sorry misstyped my email here it is: robertm at


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We have a client that needs

We have a client that needs the same thing.  What did you end up doing to capture the account numbers and matter codes?  The client matter codes in CUCM do not meet the needs of the customer.


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