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CUCM 8 erase ITL file


  First a little background. In our lab we have multiple versions of Communications Manager, depending on what I am working on I often need to switch between versions.  To make these easier I created a small PHP script which i added to the phones as a service that allows me to select what version I want to run.  This lets me change between any of the CUCM servers or CME's in our lab (basically the script screen scrapes the phone web page to get information about it, uses CDP to find what port it is connected to on the switch, and changes to voice vlan on the switch.  the phone then pulls a new DHCP information and gets the config from the TFTP server associated with that scope).  The problem I have, is with CUCM 8 the introduction of the ITL file.  I can switch from CUCM 7 to CUCM 6 fine, or to a CME, but if I try and switch from CUCM 8 to CUCM 7 the ITL file gets in my way. If I go into the phone and erase the ITL file it then switches fine, but What I am trying to do is find a way to automate this a bit.

I have seen this document in a few threads regarding ITL: As I understand it, this will essentially disable the ITL feature which does solve my direct problem.  However, as per the note in that document that "Phone services that use https (for example, extension mobility) will not work while this parameter is enabled" this may cause me other issues down the road, so I want to avoid that route if possible.

So my question is.  Is there anyway through a remote script I can clear the ITL file (I am assuming not as that would kind of be a security whole that defeats the purpose of the file, unless of course it requires authentication to execute it)?  Or is there any way to administratively control what is listed in the ITL so I can tell it to trust CUCM7, and 6, and my CME's etc.?  Or even anyway to disable ITL just for certain phones, and not cluster wide as is done through the in the document above?



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Re: CUCM 8 erase ITL file

Hi Denis,

Did anyone help you with this?  I'd like to see if anyone has a script to share to remove the ITL file....

Also, could I see the script you wrote to change between versions - that sounds like a timesaving feature for me....


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Re: CUCM 8 erase ITL file

Hello Tooth Fairy

No, i haven't had any luck removing the ITL file yet.

I would need to scrub some information out of the script I wrote before I can share it, If I get a chance at some point I will.

basic function of it is this:

in the script there are 2 lookup tables / arrays.  one that maps CUCM version name VLAN and TFTP server, one that maps the switches in my environment with management ip and authentication parameters.

when the user selects the script from the phone services the script does a lookup on the phones webpage, using regexp it parses out the tftp server and the hostname.  using the TFTP server and the array at the beginning i know what version the phone is currently on. I can then present a menu to the phone containing all the OTHER versions.  when the user selects a version to switch to, the script telnets, one at a time, into each of the switches identifed in the array at the top.  it does a show cdp neighbors command and uses another regexp to parse it to see if the hostname is in the list.  if it is, it captures the interface the device is connected to, and goes into that interface and changes the voice vlan. the phone will then get a new IP in the new vlan with a new TFTP server and as such register over to that CUCM.

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